Hi.  I’m Jacky.  High five?

“All I can bring you is creativity and acceptance.”

I am a person who is figuring out how the creative world works and wants to fulfill her life.  I found out that I think about things a little differently that helps me accept a lot about the world and that I have a knack for creating unique ideas.  So I’m trying to do something with that: help other young people who are figuring out how they will rise in the world.

I am a somewhat avid art journaller and I try to get everyone to do it.  I am also secretly a big fan of school and give fellow students tips on studying and exams!  I also have thoughts and put them down.  I guess that means I write.  I write about my perspectives on getting your message across and the changing interview world to help you actually snag that dream internship.  I find meaning in everything, especially when it involves creative processes!

But yeah.  I love to create things.  Contact me if you need help developing ideas or advice on directions for your blog/website!  I have rebranded many times (successfully) so I’d love to help.  🙂
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TO BRANDS: I love to collaborate with brands because I’m a project addict.  Lucky for you, I do not accept payment for collaborations.  I just like to creative and exercise that.

I love being a part of…

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