Learning To Take Breaks From Work + Projects


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Went on an ice cream break with friends.

All of my friends work really hard.  It’s really cool and inspiring to me.  They do SO much in a day, it’s amazing.  It sort of reminds me of that quote you used to see all over instagram, “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.”  Yes, it is very Kate-Spade-planner-y.  But it gets the point across doesn’t it?

There’s no time for anything… even Youtube.

Maybe two months ago I used to spend about 3 hours a day watching YouTube videos and Vines.  Granted, this time made me really happy but I find myself realizing that that is a lot of time to be “wasting”.  It was not a conscious decision but there is just SO much to do now.  When I do have some time off I sit down to see what is important on my subscription feed and nothing interests me.  So I’ve had to find new ways to allow my mind to rest.

This mostly involves coffee breaks now.  Cute.

I’ve found that being super busy has made me even more productive.  Having things that fill up time slots in my day FORCE me to organize.  And you know how unorganized I am. (see: The Unorganized Person’s Guide To Balancing Blogging + Work/School)  So during the day, my breaks are coffee breaks – either alone or with friends.  I love the idea of coffee breaks.  Feeds my love for… something business-y and tumblr-y.  I’ve been really into soy lattes.  Like new fave.  But when I want something not sweet, I just get a huge cup of Pike Place.

I guess my question is where do you find places to chill your mind?

This ice cream shop we went to was really cool.  They had cool flavors like bacon and cardamom.  I hate cardamom.  So I got a scoop of cinnamon and a scoop of chocolate habenero, with espresso!  It was rly good.

What’s your place to chill your mind?
(you people with Costa, I am eternally jealous of Costa coffee, I want)