The Trick To Tough Interview Questions

interview questions
I’ve researched countless articles on interviews. But they did not help.

When I as looking for tips on tough interview questions, I found the same thing OVER and OVER.

City Calling asked me about my tips for looking for job vacancies and preparing for job interviews.  Which came at a perfect time because I’ve been planning to share my trick for answering tricky interview questions!  Ones that ACTUALLY help.


“Ask questions after the interview.  Be professional.  Be positive.”

Yadda yadda.  Same thing over and over.  All the articles would not help me for my biggest worry: interview questions.  There is a major flaw.  They refuse to notice that interviewers are all different and they’re just people.  You can get caught on the mathematics of what to say and what to not say, that you trip.  Everyone I know doesn’t know what to say when they’re asked things they never would have thought about?


These tips will help you answer some of these hard interview questions…

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What value will you bring to the company?
  • Why should I hire you?
  • Questions about topics you haven’t learned.
  • Questions about areas you aren’t fulfilled in.  (ex. professional collaboration)

Know your “key”.

Your “key thing” is something that you can see in all of your work.  What is your one skill that is especially important to you?  For example: persistence, consistency, desire to learn, ability to learn quickly, etc.  This part is really important because this is will be your go-to. Asked a hard question?  Relate it to your go-to skill!  Thinking of different ways that you can apply your key skill will help you reply confidently to unexpected questions.  Become more in touch with your strengths.

Example.  My key and how I would apply it.

I think my key things are creativity and self-motivating.  An example of a difficult question: What value would you bring to the company?  “I would bring new ideas because I exercise creativity in all areas of my life.  For example, when a class requires me to learn a skill quickly I am able to create a method that allows me to both learn the skill and think of ways to better improve it.”

Research the company.

I was told this in the articles that I read but I was not told how important it was.  Research the company no matter what.  Even if it a part-time job or a huge corporation.  Know the values that are important to the company.  What perks does the company advertise to the employees?  Researching and including these values and applying them to yourself will make you a contender.  Not only are you prepared, you look extremely interested in the job.

Personability + how that fits into the company.  Aka, being yourself.

Now that I’ve said research the company values, there is a disclaimer to this rule.  Don’t change answers and repeat things that you know the interviewer wants to hear.  It may just be sound not genuine.  See how the company applies to you?  Does it tie into your “key”?  What parts of the company values match with your values?  Focus on those.  There’s no use in sounding like you’re not yourself.  They’re hiring you.  Not their webpage.

In the end, express your personality.  Professionalism as always but remember, both of you are human.  The goal of an interview is to portray your value to the company as accurately as possible.  Outside of that, there is no game.

Do you have any interview stories?  Funny ones or ones you did amazing in??