Tank for Leopard and Crested Gecko

Leopard and crested gecko have a lot of similar characteristics. This means that you can design a similar living place for each one of them and none will be affected. Many people prefer keeping these lizards as pets rather than most of the other animals. This is because they are easy to maintain compared to many others. In order to make sure that you take the best care of your leopard and crested gecko to keep them healthy, you need to look for the perfect tank enclosure for them.

Both of these species are readily available in the pet store. This also means that the type of enclosure that you require is also readily available. You can also easily get information about them from the pet stores and the many farmers all over the world. You can also learn about them from the many websites that have information about them. In this article, however, we purpose to shed enough light into what you need to know about the tank for leopard gecko and crested gecko.

Tank for Leopard and Crested Gecko

Size of Leopard and Crested Gecko

Both of these species hatchlings are 3 to 4 inches long while adults measure 7 to 8 inches in length. However, a few males may even be a foot long which means that they need enough space in the cage. They can also live for up to 20 years which means that you will have almost a lifetime of fun when observing them. Some others can even reach up to 30 years of age.

Size and Nature of the Tank

The best tank for crested gecko species should be 10 to 20 gallons. This is big enough to house both hatchlings and full-grown adults of these species. It is also enough space to house 2 leopard and crested geckos. You should note that using a very large tank is not advised. This is because such a tank makes the animal stray away from the light hence it is unable to receive enough UVB light for calcium synthesis which can lead to a weak skeletal structure. Such a big sized tank can also make them stray away from the hide box. Confining them in a tank that fits their size is advised. You can also use plastic tanks despite the fact that this type of cage reduces the visibility of individuals from outside.

The type of the cage or the tank that you use should not be less than a foot tall. This is because these species of lizards like climbing hence they will need enough vertical space for their operation. If space is less, it makes the unhappy and less comfortable. It also makes them less active which contributes negatively to their health. It might not be possible to replicate a natural environment but giving them an environment that is close enough makes them very comfortable.

Moreover, you should take enough time to look for a lid for the tank. The kind of lid that you should look for should be able to support light fixtures. This is because you will need to mount a bulb or lamp at the ceiling. The mounting surface for the lamp should be good enough hence looking for a good lid is very vital. Furthermore, the lid should be able to allow ventilation for air to flow through. Keep away from ventilation that completely seals the tank without leaving a ventilation space. Another vital thing about the nature of the lid that you will look for is the kind of lid that can keep away predators. Animals like cats like feeding on lizards and other small rodents. Having a leopard or crested gecko in a tank in the house catches their attention and they may start to look for a way to catch them. A weak lid allows the predators to have access to the inner side of the cage hence killing your pet. A tank lid that can prevent this is very necessary.


It does not matter the nature of the enclosure that you will put your leopard or crested gecko in. what matters most is the size and the safety provided by the cage. A good tank is the one that does not have a very big horizontal space and at least a foot of vertical distance. Essentially, this tank will be good enough for the comfort and health of your animal. Make sure that the tank has a good lid that can keep the predators away and that which can allow ventilation and light fixtures.


The DIFTI Chinese Food Easter



easter 1
Post Easter yums.







  I hope that you had a beautiful Easter and by the looks of all the instagram posts, I clearly did not have as much chocolate as the rest of you!  Makes me cry.  It was really nice to see everyone’s holiday traditions for Easter.  I saw people go on gorgeous walks and I was so jealous because walks are my absolute favorite thing ever in the world.  So I thought I’d share some of the food from my Easter! (Sadly Blogger lowered my photo color quality wah)
       First off, I wanted tea.  Because normally tea at traditional style Chinese restaurant is awesome and really cheap.  But apparently IT WAS $5???  Yeah no.  So no tea.  🙁  Also, let me say that this restaurant was not traditional Chinese food.  We tried a new place.  Not traditional food but traditional style restaurant. (Meaning no Orange Chicken or General Tso’s on the menu)
       The first thing we got was salt and pepper eggplant. Yum.  It was so much and I just had leftovers.  Still good.  It was battered and covered in jalapenos, garlic, cilantro and spring onions.  Really yummy.  <3
       The second thing we got was Seafood Pan Fried Noodles.  This is one of my top 5 favorite foods.  So basically it’s crispy noodles and then there’s seafood, veggies and sauce on top.  So the sauce sort of makes the crispy noodles into normal noodles, so you get this mix of crispy and soft noodles.  So yummy.  I love it.
       The last thing we got was Chicken…  Oh wait.  SIZZLIN Chicken With Black Bean sauce.  It did sizzle on a hot plate.  Did it sort of hurt because the oil splattered little bits?  Yes.  But did it taste okay?  Yep.  It wasn’t bad, I normally LOVE chicken with black bean sauce.  It had the taste of star anise.  Which I absolutely hate.  So I couldn’t eat much of it.


All together, I had a really great Easter!  Really chill and nice.  🙂

The Trick To Tough Interview Questions

interview questions
I’ve researched countless articles on interviews. But they did not help.

When I as looking for tips on tough interview questions, I found the same thing OVER and OVER.

City Calling asked me about my tips for looking for job vacancies and preparing for job interviews.  Which came at a perfect time because I’ve been planning to share my trick for answering tricky interview questions!  Ones that ACTUALLY help.


“Ask questions after the interview.  Be professional.  Be positive.”

Yadda yadda.  Same thing over and over.  All the articles would not help me for my biggest worry: interview questions.  There is a major flaw.  They refuse to notice that interviewers are all different and they’re just people.  You can get caught on the mathematics of what to say and what to not say, that you trip.  Everyone I know doesn’t know what to say when they’re asked things they never would have thought about?


These tips will help you answer some of these hard interview questions…

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What value will you bring to the company?
  • Why should I hire you?
  • Questions about topics you haven’t learned.
  • Questions about areas you aren’t fulfilled in.  (ex. professional collaboration)

Know your “key”.

Your “key thing” is something that you can see in all of your work.  What is your one skill that is especially important to you?  For example: persistence, consistency, desire to learn, ability to learn quickly, etc.  This part is really important because this is will be your go-to. Asked a hard question?  Relate it to your go-to skill!  Thinking of different ways that you can apply your key skill will help you reply confidently to unexpected questions.  Become more in touch with your strengths.

Example.  My key and how I would apply it.

I think my key things are creativity and self-motivating.  An example of a difficult question: What value would you bring to the company?  “I would bring new ideas because I exercise creativity in all areas of my life.  For example, when a class requires me to learn a skill quickly I am able to create a method that allows me to both learn the skill and think of ways to better improve it.”

Research the company.

I was told this in the articles that I read but I was not told how important it was.  Research the company no matter what.  Even if it a part-time job or a huge corporation.  Know the values that are important to the company.  What perks does the company advertise to the employees?  Researching and including these values and applying them to yourself will make you a contender.  Not only are you prepared, you look extremely interested in the job.

Personability + how that fits into the company.  Aka, being yourself.

Now that I’ve said research the company values, there is a disclaimer to this rule.  Don’t change answers and repeat things that you know the interviewer wants to hear.  It may just be sound not genuine.  See how the company applies to you?  Does it tie into your “key”?  What parts of the company values match with your values?  Focus on those.  There’s no use in sounding like you’re not yourself.  They’re hiring you.  Not their webpage.

In the end, express your personality.  Professionalism as always but remember, both of you are human.  The goal of an interview is to portray your value to the company as accurately as possible.  Outside of that, there is no game.

Do you have any interview stories?  Funny ones or ones you did amazing in??

Learning To Take Breaks From Work + Projects


cool colorful


Went on an ice cream break with friends.

All of my friends work really hard.  It’s really cool and inspiring to me.  They do SO much in a day, it’s amazing.  It sort of reminds me of that quote you used to see all over instagram, “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.”  Yes, it is very Kate-Spade-planner-y.  But it gets the point across doesn’t it?

There’s no time for anything… even Youtube.

Maybe two months ago I used to spend about 3 hours a day watching YouTube videos and Vines.  Granted, this time made me really happy but I find myself realizing that that is a lot of time to be “wasting”.  It was not a conscious decision but there is just SO much to do now.  When I do have some time off I sit down to see what is important on my subscription feed and nothing interests me.  So I’ve had to find new ways to allow my mind to rest.

This mostly involves coffee breaks now.  Cute.

I’ve found that being super busy has made me even more productive.  Having things that fill up time slots in my day FORCE me to organize.  And you know how unorganized I am. (see: The Unorganized Person’s Guide To Balancing Blogging + Work/School)  So during the day, my breaks are coffee breaks – either alone or with friends.  I love the idea of coffee breaks.  Feeds my love for… something business-y and tumblr-y.  I’ve been really into soy lattes.  Like new fave.  But when I want something not sweet, I just get a huge cup of Pike Place.

I guess my question is where do you find places to chill your mind?

This ice cream shop we went to was really cool.  They had cool flavors like bacon and cardamom.  I hate cardamom.  So I got a scoop of cinnamon and a scoop of chocolate habenero, with espresso!  It was rly good.

What’s your place to chill your mind?
(you people with Costa, I am eternally jealous of Costa coffee, I want)