Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Introducing: Make Your Month - A Linkup For Ambitious Bloggers

Keep your goals! Make Progress! (get views) Network!

Because someone has to hold me accountable for my goals. I have a lot of things that I want to do but I often get side tracked through the month. I totally believe that overall $uccess comes from smaller tasks and you'll see the reward$ in the end. So that being said, SOMEONE KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE. I loved the Weekly Wishes linkup from Nectar Collective, even seeing a busy blogger keep up with her goals was cool. So I teamed up with another aspirational blogger, Ashley from Lilly & Lemons to create Make Your Month.

Wait, what's happening? How does this work?

At the beginning of every month, Ashley and I are going to be posting our goals and how we're going to achieve them. We'll also be including a link-up so that you can create your own goal posts and share your posts on our blogs! Rule is, you have to check out he post of the person who linked-up before you. I know I'll be checking out every single one!

What's in it for me?

  • Views.  (I know what y'all care about)  *winky emoji*
  • Making smaller monthly goals is really helpful and going back on a monthly basis to keep yourself in check?  You're gonna take over the world.
  • Easy but fun post idea.  Just sayin.
  • Cool people.
  • Fun.
I really hope to see you join!  What can I do for you to help you join in?  :)
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Sunday, October 4, 2015

A late post but changes are planned. | DIFTI's Week

Ok, ok.  I'm a little late in posting.  But I'm here!

I'm having a very busy Sunday.  It's going to be a VERY VERY BUSY WEEK.   I have a ton of stuff planned for DIFTI!  I'm planning an exciting project and a new theme.  I think it will reflect my vibe right now.  :)  I've been spending a lot of time on tumblr lately and I'm back in love with it.


Anyway.  Onto my week...

1.  This picture inspired me to move to cooler colors.  I love this picture, it's gorgeous.  Cityscapes are fave.
2.  New color on instagram!  I like this pic!  Yay!
3.  This airport runway uses a lot of cool colors too and its so pretty.  Love the neons too.
4.  Coffee has become a daily thing now.
5.  I love seeing this type of storefront typography.  I believe I featured a pic that said "honey" or something.  It's so pretty.
6.  This bedroom is gorgeous, I love all the light.  And the flowers just there?  Swwwwoooon.

Happy Sunday!
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Feeling The Love From Life (+ Playlist)

I wish you could feel what I'm feeling.

Over the past couple weeks, I've been collecting some songs that bring feelings of absolute pure love.  They make me feel so loved and My goal is to share this happiness with you.  I love these songs.  Not for the lyrics, not the composition, not the meaning.  There is no meaning.  Just emotions.  As is art.

When I was in the fifth grade, I learned THE most important lesson.

I'll remember this story forever.  One day in class, a teacher came into our classroom and began to lecture.  Like a college-style lecture.  Now, in elementary school you don't normally get lectured.  I remember us not really understanding the concept of a "lecture".  The lecture was about love.  She explained that there were different types of love: romantic love, love of a hobby and love of family.

This blew my mind.  I grew up thinking love was only romantic.  But I  forgot the other types of love.  For some reason I do not know, this lesson stuck with me up until now.  Thank goodness.  And it's not like somthing happened to jog this memory, I remembered it every day of my life.  But I translate to there are not just 3 different types of love.  But unlimited types of love.  There is different love for different people, places and things.  Different types of romantic love.  Love for relatives.  Love ignited by music/art.  Definitely more than 3.

If I had a Facebook, my status would read single.  I do not have a relationship of that type.  I hope this playlist will help you remember the story I mentioned because it brings such strong warmth to my heart.

So here's my "Love From Life Recently" playlist.

Don't expect to be impressed or anything.  It ain't an exclusive hipster playlist.  But they all have a similar vibe.  There are songs from years and years ago, and recent ones!  Hope you like it and feel the love.

What are your favorite love songs?
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

3 Things I'm Doing To Find My Art Style

All I want is to figure out my art style.  

But that's not something you sit down and think about.  Whenever I come up with a lesson post with another artist/creator, it's because I wholeheartedly admire them.  The thing is, sometimes when you're creating things you don't know if you're headed in the right direction or making the right things.  So whenever I get comments like, "this topic helped me so much!"

Annie Pancake is an illustrator and creative/lifestyle blogger in Nottingham.  This is my impression whenever I visit Annie's blog and I see new artwork: "OHHHHH MY GOOOOOOOD   OH MY GOSH GEIRGJSLKRI"  I want to know how she got her style.  It's so good and cohesive and amazing.  So I asked her.  I did an interview with Annie.  Here are the three things I'm going to do differently so I can start to excel in my own style.  *praise hands emoji*

1.  I'm going to stop worrying about naming my style.

As an viewer of Annie's art, I see her style as Annie Pancake.  Like if I see her brand, I know her brand.  It's in my mind.  But as I asked this artist what her style was, it was hard to put her finger on.  "I'm trying to pin down a way of describing my style at the moment. It's hard because I know that it's fresh and simple, and that's cool, but it's really hard not to say quirky. It's like the first word that comes to mind but I hate it! I'll maybe go with 'charming' or something."  

I really attach myself to the vibes of artwork and that's why I'm such a fan of Annie's.  But she reminds me that style is an ever-changing process.  "I'm also gonna add that it takes years of practice and refinement to build a style, so I feel like in a few years it might be totally different. This is just where I am at right now. "  THERE IS HOPE FOR ME.  Just keep working.

2.  I'm going to let go of the "realistic" art pressure.

I asked her how she studied art in order to become an illustrator.  "I took fine art as a GCSE and that was when I realised that Fine Art wasn't really my thing. I didn't really like that it didn't have a purpose or direction. Sorry fine artists! It's also, funnily enough, when I realised I 'couldn't draw' - I based this off the fact that I couldn't make stuff look like 'real life' like the best artists in my class. So I took graphic design at A level and at university, and somehow I've circled right back around to painting."  YES.  SAME.  I talked about this pressure in my post about the talentless art movement - which is full of talent obviously.  It's just sometimes in art education, realistic art is more celebrated than the other styles we express.

3.  I'm going to get less inspiration from the internet.

"My creative process mostly comes from the way we were taught at uni: research-experiment-refine. For my personal projects though, I tend to skip the research part as I hate to let things influence my work too much. I think it loses some of its individuality. I tend to get inspiration instead from just 'living life'. I know that sounds cringe but sometimes just reading a magazine or seeing a piece of type in the supermarket that gives you an idea, instead of heading to Pinterest for 'ideas'."  It totally agree.  I'm here to make MORE.  Not recycle old stuff.  :)

You can find Annie at her blog here and her shop, here!

What type of art to you love to look at?
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Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Feel This Compilation Of Pretty So Much | DIFTI's Week

Good morning!

Saturday night.  Listening to "Sweet Dreams" by Beyonce.  I used to hate this song but it makes you feel so in looooove.  I may be doing a post about songs that make you feel certain emotions.  It's just something I've been interested in.  BIG shoutout to one of my favorite bloggers, one who insired me early in this blogger journey - Josie!  She recently rebranded from Josie's Journal to Sick Chick Chic... I LOVE IT.  Genius.  Onto my week!

1. Your weekly sunset pic, via tumblr.
2.  These sparkle nails?  I need?  I hate wearing nail polish?  But I need these?
3.  I was amazed by this lip work.  I love seeing creative makeup that goes outside of wearable looks.
4.  Artist Rooms #4
5.  My favorite sketch of mine.  I can't believe I drew this.
6.  An old song that I've grown to love once more.  It makes you feel so in love.  Like it's your wedding day and you can't stop being happy.  City and Colour - The Girl.

Posts from last week...

Happy Sunday!
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Friday, September 25, 2015

What You Missed From #MasculinitySoFragile

masculinity so fragile, hashtag, masculinitysofragile, feminism, twitter, movements, summary

Another beautiful feminist hashtag movement - #MasculinitySoFragile.

I do not care what anyone says about activism on social media.  These hashtags are really really powerful.  The first one I came across was the one following the controversy of Ray Rice's violence towards his wife.  And how the NFL only reacted when people took to social media.  Now that's powerful.  So always give your attention to these hashtags - some are positive, some are negative.  Either way, powerful.

I came across the #MasculinitySoFragile tag on Tuesday night.  It was about people criticizing the problematic nature of masculinity to everyone.  Masculinity is defined as "possession of qualities possessed by men".  I found myself connecting to a lot of the points.  I wanted these messages to not fade into the noise behind social media, a downfall.  Because people had points, I only want to amplify them.  I did not include criticisms of the hashtag because of the violent nature I perceived from the people's tweets.  It was not what I wanted to have on my blog.

These are the ones that drew me in.

Jamilah Lemieux is an American columnist, cultural critic and editor in New York.  The point of teaching women to reject men politely spoke to me.  While I have not been verbally taught this lesson, I find myself forcing myself to be really nice to behavior that I don't like.  So no one's ego is hurt.  Also, you can see the numbers behind the second tweet.

Responding to reactions of the hashtag.

Criticism of problematic masculine traits in relationships.

Okay so, you can imagine that the jokes behind Meek Mill - who was really happy for Nicki winning an award and was cheering for her - made me mad.  I would want someone to support me like that.  Is that horrible?  Also, I've dealt with people thinking confident women as a threat to their own jobs.  I keep people like that on a backburner, if not out of life.  Also I haven't really thought of love as a weakness.  In literature/media it sure is portrayed that way, isn't it?  Strength.  Rise in love, not fall.

Miscellaneous commentary I noticed.

I open it up for discussion, as always.

I believe that social movement, especially on the internet, should be done in the form of a discussion.  I do not judge your opinions as right or wrong, I only translate them to my own life and opinions.   

That being said, what are your opinions on masculinity and how does it personally affect you?
Have you experienced anything/connect with some of the tweets I showed above?

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Getting Over Your Art Inadequacy Fears

Feeling insecure about art can really hurt your ability to create.  

Maybe everyone has these fears.  I know I do because I'm still figuring out my style.  I visit Annie Pancake's blog twice a week, just in awe of what she does.  I like working with paint, mixed media and art journalling.  That's my comfort zone.  What's completely out of my comfort zone?  Drawing.  *shudders*  Drawing makes me so uncomfortable.  Like a line makes a picture in drawing, while in painting you have so much leeway.  Make a mistake?  Paint over it!  Need to color in a huge area?  Use paint.  Not with drawing, it's so intimate and one on one.

So naturally, I'm challenging myself with drawing lol.

Rather than seeing it as an insecurity, see it as a challenge.

And why do you challenge yourself?  Because you're strong and cool.  "At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can." Frida Kahlo.  The only thing that is limiting your potential is time.  And you have tons of time.  That's the way I see it.  I was taught by Alex Beadon that no matter what you want to learn, you can learn it.  Insecurity doesn't exist in what you could be doing.

Tips On Challenging Yourself With Your Art Insecurities

  1. Work with something you know.  - Maybe it will help you to try something new but connect it with something you've worked with before.  For example, I am a horrible drawer but I as pretty comfortable with it when I worked with a subject I'm familiar with.  If you remember, my journal pages mostly revolve around time.  I'm actually pretty proud of how it came out!
  2. Work with cheap material.  -  I presented my friend with the issue that I can never get into journalling because the journal is so nice.  To which, she said, "Use a cheap pen."  Ruin it and stop caring.  I thought it was genius. 
  3. Realize that there's no pressure to be great anytime soon. -  But you're great for challenging yourself.  Look at you.  Challenging what you know and growing yourself.  That's beautiful.
What's something you're insecure about in art/creating?  Mine's drawing!
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