Thursday, September 3, 2015

What Is A Creative Lifestyle Blog? + How It's Breaking Career Barriers

Creative lifestyle is pretty easy to define but how does it affect the world as well?

I use this category when introducing my blog to anyone.  But what is it?

I've been a creative lifestyle blogger for a while now but I never really identified what that means.  I was commenting on other blogs and I wanted to say what kind of blog that I had... but I just didn't know what to call it!  I posted random writing at the time and help stuff.  But now that I have finally sunk into what I want my blog to be, it's time to showcase the amazing world of creative lifestyle blogging.  And why I love it!

Creative lifestyle: the category to inspire all categories.

Personally, I define creative lifestyle as a blog about the lifestyle of a creative person.  This doesn't even have to be a "creative" (used as noun), it can be an artist, a strategist, a writer, a designer... Anyone whose daily life involves creativity - in their career or hobby, most likely.

Creative lifestyle removes the mystery of creative lives/professions.

In tween-age school, I would always hear about how people got to their professions.  Doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers... but how did the creative people get to their point?  I would read about artists and designers on my own time and I could find no definitive, step-by-step wikihow on how to become a fashion designer.  (Which was my idea at the time.  People who know how I dress now are probably laughing.  Stop that.)  And I needed a definitive list.  That's why I created my blog and the label "creative lifestyle".

(At least I think I made it up, not having a moment I legit just haven't seen those two together.  BUT I do know a lot of blogs that I would PERSONALLY label "creative lifestyle".)

The only way I would actually find information on advancing in art/design was through connections.  And I'm horrible at connections and simply didn't have that path.  I didn't have the money in art/design areas, I was simply interested.  I think that spreading information on how a creative works relinquishes the barrier class creates, especially in art & creation.

Why do I love "creative lifestyle"?

There would be times in high school.  I would open up my art journal and start working.  Another student would point to something SIMPLE like messy paint and say, "How'd you do that?"  I said, "Oh, just dipped bunched up plastic wrap in paint and dotted it around."  And they would detach IMMEDIATELY and say, "Oh, I couldn't do that.  I'm not creative." - or - "Oh, I don't understand art."  I remember being dumbfounded because I literally just mushed paint around.  Like I wasn't trying to DO anything.

There's a wall of mystery between the art/creation world and people who refuse to get into that.  If you want to be creative you just do random stuff.  I swear that's my reply to when people ask me if I make art.  "I just do random stuff."  It will not be bad.  There is no bad.  You're making something random.  Anyone can MAKE something, and it's important because thinking creatively helps in EVERY profession!  So I focused on my blog to spread that message.

QUESTION: What motivates you to work, even when you're under the weather?
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Start Of The "Talentless" Art Movement

I've never been a technical artist. I lacked "talent".

I've been in many art classes in school - from elementary and even in college.  I loved art and people would associate me with art when they saw me from using a stereotype.  (Which is weird because this legit happens.  "Like you can draw this right?"  They don't even know me.  Anyway.)  Yeah I guess.  I make things.  The thing is when they see what I can do, it's not the type of art they want.  And this "they" is not just other students but teachers too.  They would always say that I need more help in the technical area.  Which I get.

Not being a "technical" artist always frustrated me.  

They would love and scream of happiness for my creativity and my ability to see color.  You know my style of work from my art journal, messy and emotional.  I had teachers and students love what I did because it was new to them.  But when it came time to enter into art competitions or show them to the public, I was not chosen.  I was overshadowed by a clean and technical artist.  What do I mean by technical?  Technical skills.  Realistic charcoal drawings, realistic paintings, landscapes, realistic portraits and more landscapes.  And more portraits.

I'm was very confused.  I thought art was expressive and could be ANYTHING. 

Granted, they were amazing.  But they would be asked, why did you make this and they would have no answer.  They just did it because it looked like the picture.  Which is all good and well!  And I admire technical skills immensely.  But I argue, when does that get old?  In schools, is it actually the best to teach that the only art that matters is art that looks like a picture?  That's not how we have always treated art.  Who are we to shut down art and close it off so that only a select amount of people are to "express" their art?

Current Tumblr culture is protecting everyone's right to make art.

The education that art can only be technical is horrible to me because I hear the sighs of people who want to make things/express but won't.  Because they ...

  • "can't draw" or "don't understand art".  
  • Or think they need it needs to be pretty like a Pinterest picture.  (That one hurts the most.)  
It doesn't matter.  I tell you that art is and always had been anything.  I'm very glad I got out of art education because now I really am free.  I can make work that makes me happy.  But that's my opinion.

Art is for everyone.  This is a movement that has been moving along on Tumblr.  People post their squiggles or unbalanced cartoon portraits of their friends.  Or kid-like doodles of plants.  Or even blogs of people only using their iPhone to take gorgeous pictures.  (Don't even get me started about the stigma behind "photography" omg.)  It makes me so so happy.  I'm calling The Everyone Art Movement.  And I hope that you'll contribute to this movement as well!

If you post any of your art on instagram or twitter, please tag me in it.  I'd love to see it and RT it to get The Everyone Art Movement going in the blogging community!

What is your relationship with art?
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

DIFTI Reader Survey + Rosiness | DIFTI's Week

I love this set of colors + blogger survey below!

Hello!  I hope you're well :)  I'm still so thankful that my return to blogging has been so awesome and I am in love with it once again.  I'm very happy.  The bf and I are working very hard and it makes me so proud of the ambitious people in my life. Which includes all you amazing people!  I've discovered a lot of inspiring blogs in the past week.  It's awesome.  On to my past week!

1.  I really want to try the Lush Rosy Cheeks mask.  It's supposed to soothe and help combination skin.  And it looks SO pretty!
2.  This was my breakfast today.  It was so good and yummy.  I miss it.
3.  Posted this on instagram today.  Ya I love my new instagram theme.
4. House of Ell posted this recently.  It's a collage representing how much getting her wisdom teeth removed hurt.  I LOVE IT.
5.  This sand is super apricot and it is dreamy.
6.  I'm looking into buying some Chloe perfume.  I tried it recently and I LOVED IT.  It is fantastic.  But you know I'm getting a rollerball.  This bottle in the picture is EXPENSIVE.

Do It For The Irony Survey!

This is my first reader survey!  I'd really appreciate if you could fill this out, it would be very fulpul and flat out cool.  I recently changed my blog around and your input could help me make DIFTI even better.  Thank you!  It is available on mobile as well!  Keep going through till submit make sure it submits.  It's a quick survey! :)

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Hope you have a good Sunday! Thanks again!
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

How I Chose The Name "Do It For The Irony"

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Sometimes I think my blog name was a wrong SEO choice.  

I always come across blogs that are so on brand with their name and I'm like ya that's how things work.  Fashion blog? ""  Beauty blog?  ""  Lifestyle blog? ""  YeAh I made those up in my mind.  But you get what I mean.

It probably doesn't favor SEO.  Don't care much.

Beacause I love it so much.  It means a lot.

I made the blog in the time of my life where I, well, did things because irony made my happy.  It made me laugh and entertained me.  It took like 10 minutes to come up with the name.  Hmm... do it for the irony... I do that... Okay submit.  I'm very impulsive.  Honestly I thought that my blog was going to turn out to be a fashion blog.  I don't know what I was thinking because I did not have the closet for it lol.  So happily, my blog developed into an empowering creative blog with lots of insight to give.  Like I said in my last post, your work will turn into what it is meant to be over time.

So what does my blog name mean?  The art/creative/ex-hipster/writer crowd gets the joke.

I'll get tweets from people I don't know with something along the lines of...

"HAHAHA I love your handle.  Reminds me of when I was in art school.  Wow, I was annoying lol."

Which was not something I was expecting!  I thought it was an inside joke with myself.  But no.

The meaning of DIFTI: There's a group of people and I think we all had somewhat of a similar start to the world.  Art students, writers, alternatives, bloggers, creatives, makers, ex-hipsters, current hipsters.  Or just present day young adults.  AT SOME POINT, you did things to be ironic.  How generational of us.  At some point you did something ironic to make fun of the in crowd, to make fun of a trend or to make yourself comfortable with an idea.  I don't think a lot of people do it now.  I honestly think we got tired of it haha.

Oh youth culture, you are fascinating to me.

While it is a cynical way of life, doing things to be ironic, it is a placeholder in the timeline of youth culture trends.  And I'm much happier now without putting up that wall that irony creates.  But it makes me laugh that I was like that at some point, smile that I've progressed from it and contented to know that I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAD THIS PHASE.

So I would say when picking your blog name, don't overthink it.  You can always change it and rebrand.  Take what first comes to your mind or what DEFINES you.  Go from there!  Hope you've had fun relating with me and the story behind this blog's name!

How did you pick your blog name???
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Your Blog Progresses Faster Than You Think

As you know, I was gone from the blogging world for like two months.

Details here.  Jemma (Dorkface Blog) was on Periscope and I asked her how blogging has changed since I left.  She gave me an a great idea of writing about just that.  Genius.  So shoutout to her.  It was an interesting project and I went straight to Bloglovin to see what I missed out on.

What I Was Expecting vs What Was Observed

I went on the blogs of people who I thought were important influencers in the community - which I did not base off of follower count.  I thought this would be a good measure because influencers tend to band together and possess similarities.  Then readers of these blogs are inspired them and will use this in their own blogs.  I was expecting to see a new trend in posts, a different layout that everyone uses or a shift in what type of content is used.

I did not see much of my predictions and I almost called off my observations.  But I kept finding myself saying, "Oh my gosh, this blog has changed so much!" for every blog that I had visited.  People had different layouts, people found their niche and honed in on what made their blog special.  I was so proud to see blogs that I grew with become even more professional and cohesive.

How to make your blog better and more professional?  Work and wait it out.

Yup that's the lesson.  When you look at your blog in the moment 75% of the time you won't be happy with it or you'll flat out hate it.  This is something that happens not just to new bloggers, but also long time bloggers as well.  I think I feel lost with my blog every other month, and I know I'm not alone.  I think this study has proved that though these feelings are normal, you should not focus on them entirely.  Focus on your work and try any idea you have - bad or good - over time you will find what works and it will come together.  And apparently it moves fairly quick.

How does this knowledge help you?

  1. There is no way to make your blog the best it can be off the bat.  And I will defend that.  Blogs/art/careers form upon progression and trying stuff out.  In the end, you keep what is good and move forward - causing a progression!  Improvement!  Woo!  So don't worry ab it.
  2. Start your ideas as soon as possible.  Start making moves on them and just do it.  No amount of prep/brainstorming can improve a project as much as time actually working on it.
  3. Insecurity in what you make is completely common.  Keep going.

What are the downsides to blogging?  Do you have any negativity towards it?

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Unique Theme + I Call Out Vloggers | DIFTI's Week

The best feeling a person like me could have.

Ahh what a great return to blogging I've had!  You think that your blog is over.  But it's not.  Let's be honest here, my views absolutely took a hit but I believe it was worth it.  And my reasons for a blog break are explained here.  I've had SO much support from other bloggers and people who read my blog!  It's amazing and I'm immensely grateful.  I feel so welcome! Let's get on with my week, shall we?

1.  I've picked a new instagram theme.  I stumbled upon this cool way of editing.  Matches my love for peach colors.  In LOVE.  Follow me here, my username is doitfortheironyblog.
2.  Also, I love my new logo.  To reignite my blog passion, I redid my layout.  Which I love!  Esp my logo.  Is so me, no?
3.  Another photo by me on my instagram.
4.  I am OBSESSED with this photo I reblogged on my tumblr.  It's a red based style Kiko Mizuhara photo.  So amazing and inspiring - and I'm not often inspired by photos.
5.  One of my favorite videos to watch on youtube is Helen Anderson's Week of Videos.  They're shot beautifully (I believe she studied films/documentaries?) and focus on daily happiness.  They're different than normal vlogs because they don't feel fake.  Not always hyped like other vlogs (For example, "So TODAY, we are going to TARGET to get some GROCERIES YAYYYYYY weeewoooooo").  And I appreciate it.   Like we all know that our daily lives aren't that interesting, even for huge vloggers.  That's just reality.  But hers find beauty in the day to day.  Very calming to watch.
6.  I've slowly gained an obsession with vegan food.  Not just eating it, but pictures of vegan food and finding recipes about it.  I'm not vegan but I find vegan recipes fascinating and MUCH more creative than those involving meat.

What are you doing on this Sunday Funday?
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

When Life Gets In The Way Of Your Job

On Wednesday I got back on Twitter.  Oh how I've missed blogging.

Within 30 seconds of me saying, "Hi.  I'm back. #lbloggers," I received messages from blogger friends who I've missed SO dearly.  So it's a big thank you to them that I'm super excited to continue blogging.  I feel so welcome and like I'm back home.  So THANK YOU!  After a breakfast of tostones and garlic oil, I decided it's time to get back to business.  Back to the grind.  And I feel better than ever.  So much has changed in the last couple months.

The question was,"WHERE'D YOU GO??" but the reply could not fit 140 characters.  

I honestly wasn't going to address it but after feeling the welcome I'm like, I have to.  So lots of things.  Listen, I consider blogging to be my job - despite my decisions to not make money from blogging.  But life got in the way of my job and I sort of can't believe I let it.  But I'm sort of glad I did.  Here's what happened.

1.  The Internship

I was blessed to have gotten an amazing internship where I was allowed to be creative and apply the lessons I got from blogging to work.  I am so so grateful for this experience and I totally miss it.  It was a full-time gig and I wanted to focus on what I was learning in the moment, so that I could write about it well on my blog.  and boy, did things happen.

2.  The Introvertedness

So at this gig, I was super social.  Which is new to me, I've never ever been a popular type.  Well I still wasn't, I just talked a LOT.  Now, I'm a true introvert.  I loved it and I still love socializing with my co-workers, BUT it drained me of the amount of words I could say in a day.  At the end of the day, I felt that nothing else could flow out of my mind.  So I took it as a time to relax and regain my energy.  And it was nice.

3.  The Need To Change DIFTI

After #MayMakers, I was super happy.  I was so proud of what everyone has made and that I could just help.  Even if it's a little bit.  But I was super confused about where to go from there.  Constant innovation and I had no ideas.  But I think I've defined it.  Still a creativity blog but I want to help more and show more of my art.  So I changed my layout!  It now shows my favorite colors - peachy salmony colors.  In love.  

So what do you do when all the signs are pointing at you taking a break?

You take that break.  If you aren't going to creative quality content that makes you happy, you can by all means take that break.  Make sure people know you're on a break and then make your social media private - that way you have control.  Then set a time that you think you'll come back.  This can be moved but make that promise to yourself that you will come back.  Then when you're ready to come back, change your blog around to suit the person who you are that day.  Innovate and represent yourself well. 

I have a lot of ideas.  Which I will be unveiling over time and I'm very excited!  Thank you again for the welcome back, I'm very happy today.

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