Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Studyblrs + The Motivating Beauty In Community | #MayMakers

 I've found something amazing that will amaze you.

I've never seen something so motivating.

Okay so I was assembling something using tumblr (it's for the DIFTI, stay updated) and I saw a blog with the word "studyblr" in it.  Do you know what a studyblr is?  Have I just not been on tumblr in a long time?  Am I not as cool as I thought I was?  Well, what I found was a huge part of tumblr that is so connected and motivating.  Turning tasks that you have to do into sharable art.

What is a "studyblr"?

Basically it's a tumblr blog that is devoted to studying.  Sound horrible?  It's not.  This tumblr subculture is made up of passionate students who post their studying tips, motivating quotes and most importantly, pictures of their gorgeous notes + study areas.  Might be the most beautiful thing I've seen all month.  Stationary, Japanese notebooks, colorful pens, highlights, elaborate to-do lists, study sheets and neat handwriting.  It's a paradise.

The science of why this makes you work.

You know when you're making a post for instagram and you set everything up all nice.  Then you make sure the filter is really pretty.  Then you make the best caption.  And so on.  Then you reap the rewards - likes and the idea of a job well done.  That's part of what makes studyblrs so helpful and passionate.  You're surrounded by people who are in love with this art.  They're turning what is seen as a burden into an art, THEN they get to post it and EMPOWER each other!

What if we did this for other "burdens"?

Daily errands and to-do lists.  Laundry and organization.   Planning the next 5 years of your life.  What if we actually - and I totally cannot find another way to say this gosh I can be so conversational - went in on the burdens that will help us in the end?  That seems to be one of the subculture's points: beautiful notes and also, doing the "painful" part in the best way possible so that you tried your absolute best for the end result. 

It was called "'Motivation For Harvard Students' or all students basically".

I was going through and looking for some of the most reblogged studyblr posts.  This one spouted golden advice.
  • 3.  The pain of studying is only temporary. But the pain of not knowing—ignorance—is forever. 
  • 7.  It’s those who are earlier than the others, those who put in more effort, who can enjoy the feelings of success. 
  • 9.  Time is flying. 
  • 12.  If you don’t walk today, you’ll have to run tomorrow. 
  • 13.  People who invest in the future are realists. 
If we make tasks that help us grow into hobbies we enjoy... I can't begin to imagine the possibilities.

What are your thoughts on this discovery?  Would love to know in the comments!

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Priceless Trait I Discovered Only Now | #MayMakers

You know when you're sick and you reminisce on when your nose wasn't stuffy?  Good times.


Right now, I am exhausted and my eyes are tired.  I have not exercised today, nor have I done much blog work.  I've had to fix several spelling errors just in this one paragraph.  What did I do wrong to be in this condition?  Ahh, I was not gentle.  Kindness and the ability to be gentle are skills I've been thinking about a lot lately.

Gentleness.  Towards others and yourself. 

The word "gentle" has been popping up in different media that I consume.  For like the past week.  It spoke to me and in my naturally-life-improving-DIFTI mind, I was like... I need that.  Being gentle towards others means recognizing that your objective is best met through treating them as a person.  Not everyone understands each other in the same way, so being gentle is going through the steps and doing your best not stress.  Being gentle to yourself is something different.  It's taking the time to take care of yourself and go through the steps that you know will better your life.  Knowing what your mind and body needs to do your best.  Being in tune.

Why do you need this trait?

Simply put, to not be in the worst situation possible (to me) - tired and not productive.  When you are not gentle when you know you need to be, you can find yourself balancing your priorities in a chaos of emotion and adjusting to the events of daily life.  The word gentle had a bad taste when it first appeared to me.  Because I'm all about being strong.  But there is strength in being gentle, absolutely.  100%.  It shows that you are all about doing the best for yourself, others and your goals.  It's being productive in daily life, while being human and personable.   

Fun Fact: this post was inspired when I saw the word "gentle" once more this morning.  It was in a video by Ingrid Nilsen.  In the description she quotes an unknown author, "Be gentle with yourself, you're doing the best you can."

How do you feel about this shift in the gears?  For the weak or just what you needed?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Makers Try Something New | #MayMakers' Week

Aspire to ignite your creativity through your own being.

It's been three weeks since #MayMakers began and you all are making such NEW stuff.  I absolutely love it when I see people create something that they've been wanting to post/make for the longest time.  It means you're trying something new.  Go you.  That's 100% what I wanted to make happen with #MayMakers.  I am very happy today.

1.  Ella, from Ella Was Here, wrote a beautiful letter to you.  I love this post.  I'm very glad she wrote this.
2.  Grace, from Dainty Sprinkles, made some paper crowns!  I love a good DIY.  Also, Grace called #MayMakers a trend.  Which means in 5 months there will be #MayMakers shirts at Forever 21 and Primark.  I CALL IT.
3.  Areeba, from I Have A Messy Bun, shared gorgeous pictures of her wearing a 20 year old gharara and relates it to her favorite movie, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. I love the connections in this post between her, her favorite movie, her amma and her sister.
4.  I bottled ink and water in a spray bottle and made dis yo.
5.  Meg Siobhan, from A Little Twist Of, captured shadows while procrastinating.  I'm now challenging you to make a shadow video.
6.  Lillie Mysel made a post on her Lifestyle Change of becoming a vegetarian.  She said she was going to SKIP #MayMakers (???) because she said she wasn't creative.  Lillie that is the reason why I made this theme.  So that you can see that you are absolutely creative and full of ideas.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Lessons From A Self-Published Author | #MayMakers

Writers are the most interesting people.  (If I do say so myself.)

Kate Mitchell is successful.  And I'm glad she reached out to me.

When I was looking for people to include in my #MayMakers series, I was afraid that people wouldn't want to work wit ha series that they couldn't visualize.  But the first person to reach out to me was Kate Mitchell from Kate The Almost Great.  She said she considered herself successful and I would totally agree.  She lives with chronic pain and illness (RA & fibro) and in ADDITION has also written and self-published a book.  That is dedication and success if I every knew it.  From her, I learned that she is just like us.  Inspired and passionate.  You just have to make it happen.

How do you write a book?  I over thought it.

I've googled that multiple times I must admit.  Searches include: What format do I use on Microsoft Word? and Do I outline it?  I need guidelines sometimes people.  But apparently, I was overthinking it and probably complicate the process.  "I like to outline; I rarely just free write and have a story come together. I like to sit at a table, preferably near natural light, put in my headphones, turn on some music and write from my outline."

You can succeed at childhood passions.

I don't know what it is about childhood passions but it seems as if the hobbies that we had as children are the most outrageous.  Even if they are doable.  Maybe it's because we associate them with the fantasies we read during that time or maybe the world teaches us that you can't get a job in it.  Which you can.  I think you can turn anything into a job nowadays.  "I've been writing as long as I can remember. I think I wrote my first short story when I was six!"

Simply get involved in areas you want to succeed.

Kate said a part of her journey that I was like YES THIS SUPPORTS MY THEORY.  I think that you can't really go looking for that BIG break opportunity.  It will come.  To get that, you have to do anything for that goal.  Just keep doing stuff.  Learning, practicing, talking to others about it, writing down ideas.  Then suddenly, you'll be there.  Kate said she got her start in writing by getting INVOLVED.  "I think that the first time I really got involved, outside of school assignments, was after my sophomore year of high school. I went to a writing camp at a college with other high school students and learned a lot about writing from published authors!"

What was your childhood passion?
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Style For A Lazy Writer | My #MayMakers Project

The title is literally me.  Probably because I'm the one who wrote it.


No one said that.  I wrote that too.  But yes, I have been posting your projects but it's time for me to show up with mine.  If you remember from my blog's story about how Do It For The Irony became a creative blog, I said that I have always loved fashion.  But I did absolutely lose passion for it.  I did not like it.  Too much effort at the time.  Clashing patterns was my thing and it absolutely got tiring and repetitive.  

I realized what a loss of style did to me.

It lessened my outlook.  I got lazy.  Yes, this was all because of an increased focus on things like career and blogging.  And I don't doubt that at all.  Notice, it did not interfere with how I saw myself at all.  I do not view my value through how I look and that's just how I work.  BUT.  I was losing the quiet time of picking out an outfit, just like you get calm from putting on makeup.  I was losing the fun of fashion that I had when drawing outfits on a pad of paper as a child.  (Fun Fact: They were mostly kimonos and I don't look good in kimono tops.)

The continuing project.

So what did I do?  I donated or sold most of my closet.  Only kept some tank tops and a black shirt + button down.  Then I bought 5 tops from American Apparel and some shorts.  Seriously, I've never had so much fun.  So easy to mix and match but you make the look with makeup or accessories or lack thereof.  I've been having so much fun and sharing my favorite outfits on instagram.  7 items in your closet you can rewear and rewear.  I highly recommend.  It's a challenge to rekindle a passion.  It's an experience to do more on less.

Can't afford American Apparel or stuff like that?

Stuff like that meaning quality clothing not made by sweatshops.  Which is of course more expensive.  I recommend always checking out the American Apparel clearance page where I found all of this clothing and I promise it was very well priced.  (All of it for under $50.  Yes, altogether.)  

What is a hobby that you lost?
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Monday, May 18, 2015

When Running Low On Creative Stamina | #MayMakers

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I'm currently in this.  I'm exhausted.

I didn't know I wasn't the only one who goes through this.  

I'm currently sulking towards my laptop.  All I want is a hot chocolate, a warm blanket and for my hair to be dry already.  DARN YOU SLOW DRYING HAIR.  Maybe you're not physically in a workaholic slump, but a mental one.  There's always that time when you may feel not confident about your work.  You feel like you're behind in your field, not working to your potential or that you're being a loser.  What do you do?

Become aware of the facts.

From yesterday's May Makers Week Roundup, I featured an emotional and beautiful zine by Areeba from I Have A Messy Bun.  It was based on her night feelings of being a loser.  I immediately understood where she was coming from and jumped to disprove her.  She is a workaholic and her blog is filled with art and writing.  Not to mention her follower count.  Not to mention her blog designs.  Plus, a current focus on exams.  Be aware of the facts of your situation and see your struggle.  See the awe in the steps you've taken in Project Life.

Finding your successes doesn't have to hurt.

Your success does not have to be a big writing deal or a huge art commission.  Your success is not life changing.  Your life is changed through little successes, though.  So eating Chipotle instead of getting your usual Five Guys cheeseburger is a success.  (One of my very proud little daily successes.)  Drinking an extra bottle of water.  Getting 5 more views on your blog than usual.  Networking a bit on twitter.  Starting to draft a painting.  

Reigniting your ideas.

I basically give myself a huge project to do and go along with it.  A project that has been scaring me for the longest time.  I'll experience all the fears behind it and the "It's not going to turn out great!" and run with it.  Take an idea that scares you OR do the exact opposite of what you're doing now.  Change in environment brings new perspective.  Which means...... New ideas! 

What do you do when you're in a creative slump?
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Most Touching Saturday Ever | #MayMakers' Week

I am blown away.

Submissions galore!  I am a happy blogger!

Whoop whoop!  What an amazing end to my Saturday as I go to create the #MayMakers roundup.  I didn't expect a boom in submissions.  PLEASANT AMAZING SURPRISE.  Y'all are obviously out to stun me because I received the most amazing work and posts and it was all so humbling.  I am amazed by all of your work and that y'all took the time to post and CREATE.  

1.  Uli, from Found Some Paper, posted on instagram about the London Creative Bloom installation event!  It seems like my calling and SO much fun.
2 +3.  Uli is someone that I totally look up to because of her ability to not only express her creativity online but also to express it real life.  She creates these gorgeous ideas & events to spread happiness in real life.  Her instinct to do that is incredible.
4.  I told Meg from A Little Twist Of that this photo deserves to be blown up huge and put in a gallery.  It's totally inspiring me to make a black and white painting based on that stark black and white.
5.  She also experimented with some wigs.  THEY'RE AMAZING????
6.  Oh and this photo is an experiment with her shadow work from last week combined with some strawberry cheesecake.  Questions?
1.  Those flowers are an example of the gorgeous flowers Uli made in her event.
2.  Rita (seeking.elegence on instagram) tagged us to show her photography of a tON of pasta in her travels in Rome.  I'm in love.  I would buy maybe 11 packs.
3.  I'm in love with this corkboard DIY that Rebecca from munchiesandmusings created!  It's a "cork" board.  GET IT?  Wine corks.  But are wine corks are made of cork, right?  Would that make it a cork CORK board?  Anyways it's awesome and would look amazing in any decor setting.  Like doesn't even have to be rustic, could be modern too!  Quirky.
4.  Liska from her blog Liska Monet showed us one of her favorite outfits that made her feel like she was a shadow.  I've never understood it like that and I LOVE it.  I don't wear too much black but I think I may now.
5.  Krystin showed us a vegetarian meal in this gorgeous plating.  I'm in love.  I hate tomatoes but when they're with some mozzarella and some basil I'm like give me all of it.
6.  Last but NOT LEAST AT ALL, is my fellow Zoe, from Zoe's Secret Style, as she showed her first creation from Photoshop!  She's currently learning it and it makes me so jealous because I don't know Photoshop!  Confessions - Usher.

Last night I was a loser.  My favorite zine.

The meaning behind one's projects always push the meaning behind one's creation over the limit in the most rewarding way possible.  A fellow blogger and friend, Areeba from I Have A Messy Bun contacted me asking for some advice.  I was beyond grateful that I could help but also that her issue was something that I think ALL workaholics deal with.  Doesn't matter if you're a workaholic by choice or forced to, due to schoolwork.  We can all burn out and think that we aren't producing quality anymore.  I feel that every other month.  It helps to know that you're not alone in it and the conclusions that Areeba comes to in her zine are inspiring and exemplify recovery from self-doubt beautifully.  I am grateful that she made a zine inspired by this experience, it's amazing to be a part of.  So I highly recommend checking it out.

Happy Sunday!  Remember there are two more roundups left, so get hashtagging!
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