Friday, April 17, 2015

Why Young Adults Should Embrace Astrology (+Free Art Printable)

astrology, beliefs quote, art printables for dorm
Because it's fun.  Get this free printable here!

I've been embracing my Virgo-ness recently.  And it's awesome.

And when I think I do something awesome with life, I need to share it with you.  Because we're all in this together.  I've always been exposed to astrology growing up through Teen Vogue and hearing about it randomly.  But recently, I've been doing a bit more research on my sign: Virgo.  I've found the most amazing things and ties into myself.  

Also, people sometimes tell me it's bullshit.  You know me, if you tell me something is dumb... I'll do my best to prove you wrong.

Why Zodiac and Astrology Is Real

It's real because you make it real, sonny-boy.  Astrology - the study of how the positions of the stars and movements of the planets have a supposed influence on events and on the lives and behavior of people.  Okay looking at the definition, you're either saying, "Okay, that sounds like the coolest thing ever." or "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard."  

But after reading about it a good amount, I promise 99% of you will find patterns between your sign and your life.  And if you think that it isn't you, you're probably choosing to not see how it relates to you.  It's a choice really.  For example, my boyfriend doesn't believe that astrology is a thing.  BUT I've done my research and he is the most Capricorn person I've ever met - loyal, patient and seems like he hates everyone.

Why should I learn about it?  

I'm assuming that you're a person that's trying to figure out your life and you're creating your career or hobbies.  Welp, that's it.  Relatability is a big part of this generation's way of surviving.  Your zodiac sign can help you say, "Hey, maybe that is a strength/weakness of mine!"  And it's okay because it is a part of your person.  Whether you want to believe you're connected to the stars or not, it can help you learn about yourself.  Also, it's really interesting and if anything, entertaining.

For example, learning about Virgos motivates me + helps me be ok with ALL of myself.

  • I learned that my sign is extremely independent and career minded.  While I read that Virgos need to clean everything and organized, that did not apply to me.  But it does apply to me in that I need to organize my priorities first and find perfection in my own work.  
  • A lot of people don't understand that I can seem a bit emotionally detached when it comes to social life.  Which sucks sometimes because people can sometimes think you're the worst.  But I learned that this is a quality of my sign.  So it's not something that is wrong with me.  It's just a part of who I am!  Smiles and happy.

If anything, it's motivating.

You know I'm all about motivation.  I receive Refinery29's emails on astrology and their horoscopes are always super motivating.  (The icon to sign up is a little mailbox at the top)  And most of the time they relate to me.  I know that I need constant motivation so I see it as a source.  I think the trick is finding out what resource is for you. Maybe it's not a newsletter but a magazine or a random horoscope site that you google.  But once you feel like you can fulfill your dreams with a resource, go for that.  Isn't that the point?

Post the above quote picture on instagram or twitter and tag me ( or for a pack of 5 feminist quote printables I made! :)

What's your sign?  What are your thoughts on learning for the staaarrrssss?
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Decorating Your Art Journal or Planner Like A Human

decorating your art journal or planner like a human, do it for the irony, art journalling, making a cheap planner fancy, look good
Art journal covers are the window to the soul.  Maybe.  Idk I said it already.

        Happy Wednesday, bumblebees!  Hope you're having an awesome week.  I've noticed everyone has been really stressed and overwhelmed lately so I thought I'd loosen things up with an art post!  On Monday, I discussed actions that I personally will be taking to make my Spring mind a little brighter.  And that always starts with a little bit of creative activity with the art journal because as I've said before, starting one changes your life.  I've even done crafts on turning a failure into something awesome with a journal!

       Why "Like A Human"?  I noticed that when I was creating this post, I made it more about being okay with flaws in your work.  It's not jsut about how I decorated my journal because in reality.... who cares, right?  I want you to be you and journalling/plannering is something that is so ridiculously human.  We are told to do the best that we can do at all times and while that is a good mindset, sometimes it's just not possible.  We space out our effort.  And in art especially, we cannot make things absolutely perfect because art is a reflection of humankind.  And humans are not perfect.  So don't think that decorating always has to match up and be perfect.  Be human.  Anyways.

Use these tips to decorate makeup organizers, binders, notebooks, folders, water bottles too!

1.  Weird (free) materials always are a plus.

Even if you're a drawer, you may want to venture out of the pencil box.  Think outside the pencil box.  I picked up some free paint strips at the local home store and used those.  Didn't know exactly what I'd do with them but I'm ALL FOR FREE SUPPLIES.  Yeah gimme dat high quality free paper.  I know people who have saved bottle caps and used tea bags and used those for deco covers!  They'll definitely give your planner more character and make it unique to you!

decorating your art journal or planner like a human, do it for the irony, art journalling, making a cheap planner fancy, look good, what to do with old paint samples or strips

2.  Feel your way around it.  Do what your gut says.

Okay, so I set my materials down.  I noticed that I picked up colors that gave me Southwest desert vibes.  Am in the desert trend? No.  Do I have experience in Southwestern art?  No.  But that what the materials told me to do.  Yes, they talk so listen to them.  This post isn't teaching you how to do it like ME but how to make one that is particular to you.  So I was told to cut them into triangles with an exactoknife.  Turns out it actually fits my blog background theme!  Kewlio.

decorating your art journal or planner like a human, do it for the irony, art journalling, making a cheap planner fancy, look good, what to do with old paint samples or strips, cheap paint at walmart crafts

3.  I painted the thing.

I painted the thing.  I've always believed in using paint in the messiest way possible so.  I did it.  You can use paint as a background or even use it to cover up your applique so it's just the shape that matters.  These paint tubes are only 50 cents at walmart so go crazy.  Always go crazy with paint.

decorating your art journal or planner like a human, do it for the irony, art journalling, making a cheap planner fancy, look good, what to do with old paint samples or strips, cheap paint at walmart crafts, art journal cover ideas

4.  Applique time.  Break rules.

Like I said in my post on how to make your own art journal, I say you should break rules.  This is one of those art practices where people always think things HAVE to line up and patterns have to be perfect and geometric and yadda.  I figure we're human, we can make perfect lines only on computers, don't waste your time.  But if that's your style, GO RIGHT AHEAD!  Just don't beat yourself up if it's not computer perfect.  It's awesome the way it is.

I did a bit of a geometric pattern but I did break it up by interrupting pattern and overlaying the pattern with additional triangles on top.  I just glued it with average Elmer's glue.  No need for fancy supplies, esp if you're on the fly or need to save.  I think that the applique gives it a fragile look like very very maker-y.  And I like that look because it's very human.  Gosh I find meaning in everything.

Like this DIY or maybe want a different one?  Check out this one: Quick Pop Art DIY <3

How's your week going?  I'm getting a rushed vibe from you.  Am I right?
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Self Improvement Ideas For Spring

Spring cleaning more like spring my life together.  Didn't make sense.

        I was in the middle of studying and all of these thoughts started to come into my mind about the past and things I need to deal with.  I remembered that spring cleaning can have everything to do with cleaning up messy parts of your mind set, not just your nightstand.  All the thoughts just wouldn't stay put!  The only way I can pin something down is putting it in my journal.  You may connect to the Spring cleaning tasks of the mindset, so I decided to share!

1.  Accept that the past bears no weight + stop giving it meaning.

Oof.  This is a big part of me.  I remember SO much about the past and even little things from like middle school, to the big things that I've upgraded from.  Despite having a current wonderful and beautiful life, we tend to hold on to negativity of things that don't even matter anymore.  No matter how much worth we give these memories.  If they create a simply bad impact on your current being, they don't matter really.  It bears no weight.  I challenge you to dissolve this weight.

2.  Accept that life right now is beautiful + you deserve it.

I have come to realize that life is beautiful.  And no, I'm not an optimist-happy-go-lucky person.  I wish I was.  But reality showed me that life is refreshing, even if things aren't currently going your way.  If things aren't going your way so far in 2015, you're able to find music/writing(me, hey)/art that will relate to you + connect.  And that's beautiful as well.  If things aren't positive right now, you don't have to shrug it off and be fake happy.  But I have a feeling things will start to go well if you see the beauty in what you are able to do in the moment.

3.  Accept yourself by feeling + voicing your insecurity.

That's the only way to get over it, isn't it?  Maybe.  I'm going to try it.  Share it and ask others for help.  But make sure you voice what you need.  Do you need help fixing something or do you need comfort?  This spring I challenge you to think about what you need and communicate that.  Clean out the fluff coming between you and making changes in your life for the better.

Start now.  What do you think you NEED right now?
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Friday, April 10, 2015

The Journey Of A Creative Blog - DIFTI Anniversary

tips for creative bloggers, story of successful blog, rebranding story, do it for the irony

The beginning of time.

Do It For The Irony started in April of 2013.  I made it because I was planning to be a fashion journalist in the end, after college.  I wanted to make a portfolio for my work and ideas, have something to show people in interviews.  But of course, the universe did its work and it turned out to be much more than just a portfolio.

I discovered that the talent I thought I had sucked.  But I gained a hidden skill.

I posted about outfits, fashion and shopping at the time because it was something I liked to do.  I've always had a love for fashion as a child so I figured that I would love to write about it.  I wrote about my daily thoughts along with the fashion posts.  The thing is, people most of the time commented on my writing style and it was the greatest feeling ever.  People laughed and related to the words I wrote.  Granted, they were NOT impressed by my fashion skills.  I liked styling but I DO NOT have enough clothing (or $) for it.

The loss of passion and drastic changes.

If you may have noticed, there are no outfit posts on this blog.  There were a lot.  But they're gone.  I deleted them.  I lost some of my love for fashion blogging a bit.  Maybe it will come on a different blog but I found a love for something different.  Thus the breakup between DIFTI and fashion.  But it was a good change.  It's okay to make a change.  Rebranding sounds like it is the end of your career but when you're passionate about something new, you're simply continuing it.  Your brand should not be the work you do but the passion behind it.


Two years and 697 followers from the beginning, I learned that people were empowered by what I said and that I was really creative.  Do It For The Irony's goal is to help people fulfill their goals through creativity and and empowerment.  I'm surrounded by women who are career obsessed and want to get THERE.  THERE is their dream which is made up of thousands of tiny little goals.  Because I'm trying to get there.  And I hope that I can teach you what I learn in the process.

YES.  This is the blogaversary of Do It For The Irony.  And I thank you for years of learning, acceptance, inspiration and laughs.   I can't believe I'm so close to 1000 followers, I never would have thought.  The fact that people read what I have to say is astounding and I will always be thankful.  Thank you so much!  If you have any questions for me, please leave them in the comments below!

Tell me about your blogs!  What is the most special thing about your blog?
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Trick To Tough Interview Questions

I've researched countless articles on interviews.  But they did not help.

When I as looking for tips on tough interview questions, I found the same thing OVER and OVER.  

City Calling asked me about my tips for looking for job vacancies and preparing for job interviews.  Which came at a perfect time because I've been planning to share my trick for answering tricky interview questions!  Ones that ACTUALLY help.

"Ask questions after the interview.  Be professional.  Be positive."

Yadda yadda.  Same thing over and over.  All the articles would not help me for my biggest worry: interview questions.  There is a major flaw.  They refuse to notice that interviewers are all different and they're just people.  You can get caught on the mathematics of what to say and what to not say, that you trip.  Everyone I know doesn't know what to say when they're asked things they never would have thought about?

These tips will help you answer some of these hard interview questions...

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What value will you bring to the company?
  • Why should I hire you?
  • Questions about topics you haven't learned.
  • Questions about areas you aren't fulfilled in.  (ex. professional collaboration)

Know your "key".

Your "key thing" is something that you can see in all of your work.  What is your one skill that is especially important to you?  For example: persistence, consistency, desire to learn, ability to learn quickly, etc.  This part is really important because this is will be your go-to. Asked a hard question?  Relate it to your go-to skill!  Thinking of different ways that you can apply your key skill will help you reply confidently to unexpected questions.  Become more in touch with your strengths.  If you are having a tough time with this part, feel free to email me at!

Example.  My key and how I would apply it.

I think my key things are creativity and self-motivating.  An example of a difficult question: What value would you bring to the company?  "I would bring new ideas because I exercise creativity in all areas of my life.  For example, when a class requires me to learn a skill quickly I am able to create a method that allows me to both learn the skill and think of ways to better improve it." 

Research the company.

I was told this in the articles that I read but I was not told how important it was.  Research the company no matter what.  Even if it a part-time job or a huge corporation.  Know the values that are important to the company.  What perks does the company advertise to the employees?  Researching and including these values and applying them to yourself will make you a contender.  Not only are you prepared, you look extremely interested in the job. 

Personability + how that fits into the company.  Aka, being yourself.

Now that I've said research the company values, there is a disclaimer to this rule.  Don't change answers and repeat things that you know the interviewer wants to hear.  It may just be sound not genuine.  See how the company applies to you?  Does it tie into your "key"?  What parts of the company values match with your values?  Focus on those.  There's no use in sounding like you're not yourself.  They're hiring you.  Not their webpage.

In the end, express your personality.  Professionalism as always but remember, both of you are human.  The goal of an interview is to portray your value to the company as accurately as possible.  Outside of that, there is no game.

Do you have any interview stories?  Funny ones or ones you did amazing in??
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Monday, April 6, 2015

The DIFTI Chinese Food Easter

 photo IMG_4277_zpsexzcd12m.jpg
 photo IMG_4268_zpsbxa2gdmc.jpg
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Post Easter yums.

       I hope that you had a beautiful Easter and by the looks of all the instagram posts, I clearly did not have as much chocolate as the rest of you!  Makes me cry.  It was really nice to see everyone's holiday traditions for Easter.  I saw people go on gorgeous walks and I was so jealous because walks are my absolute favorite thing ever in the world.  So I thought I'd share some of the food from my Easter! (Sadly Blogger lowered my photo color quality wah)

       First off, I wanted tea.  Because normally tea at traditional style Chinese restaurant is awesome and really cheap.  But apparently IT WAS $5???  Yeah no.  So no tea.  :(  Also, let me say that this restaurant was not traditional Chinese food.  We tried a new place.  Not traditional food but traditional style restaurant. (Meaning no Orange Chicken or General Tso's on the menu)

       The first thing we got was salt and pepper eggplant. Yum.  It was so much and I just had leftovers.  Still good.  It was battered and covered in jalapenos, garlic, cilantro and spring onions.  Really yummy.  <3

       The second thing we got was Seafood Pan Fried Noodles.  This is one of my top 5 favorite foods.  So basically it's crispy noodles and then there's seafood, veggies and sauce on top.  So the sauce sort of makes the crispy noodles into normal noodles, so you get this mix of crispy and soft noodles.  So yummy.  I love it.

       The last thing we got was Chicken...  Oh wait.  SIZZLIN Chicken With Black Bean sauce.  It did sizzle on a hot plate.  Did it sort of hurt because the oil splattered little bits?  Yes.  But did it taste okay?  Yep.  It wasn't bad, I normally LOVE chicken with black bean sauce.  It had the taste of star anise.  Which I absolutely hate.  So I couldn't eat much of it.

All together, I had a really great Easter!  Really chill and nice.  :)
What did you do to relax this weekend?
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Friday, April 3, 2015

Tips For Turning Ideas Into An Art Business

tips for turning ideas into an art business, entrepreneurship, help on selling etsy, artist work
I discovered this amazing artist whose creative process we can all aspire to.

I learned so much from this artist's creative process.

Lenka is the artist behind Layers of Clay where she creates intricate minimalistic home decor.  And honestly, it's pretty affordable.  She followed me on instagram and I immediately fell in love.  First off, so on trend with what people are demanding.  Second, every piece is so CLEAN and beautiful.  When I linked a friend her work and she fell in love, I knew I had to contact her.  I just want to mention that I am not being sponsored or getting ANYTHING free.  I just love and learned so much!

Your hit idea may just fulfill your own needs.

"As a stay at home mom I was always looking for some artwork for our house, so I decided that I would try to incorporate my own creations.  I fell in love again with the process of creating something unique," she replies.  This just spoke to me. Her art was something that she needed.  I know many artists - including myself - who drive themselves into a pit of creative darkness, SEARCHING for that idea that will fulfill them.  Lenka's simple drive behind her work is so new and ultimately, refreshing.  Problem = something needed.  Fulfill need = fulfill self.  So awesome.
tips for turning ideas into an art business, entrepreneurship, help on selling etsy, artist work, selling art

Consistency can be flexible and effective.

When I visited her instagram, I was drawn in to her consistent color scheme and bold style.  Bold in the way that I new her style in an instant.  I did not even need to think about.  Making things easily accessible for your audience and newcomers will help them know you faster.  And that's your goal.  Her style is so impressionable and it's executed so cohesively!  Despite the consistency, it is not boring.  She told me she finds her inspiration from nature and her subjects include flowers, animals, corals and abstracts.  So many subjects!  But her style is apparent in all her work.
tips for turning ideas into an art business, entrepreneurship, help on selling etsy, artist work

Quality speaks louder than anything.

I was overcome by the amazing quality of her cross between art and home decor.  "All my work is created completely by hand and each piece is unique - no mass production.  I work mostly with polymer clay, it is challenging but rewarding at the same time. The texture is very delicate and the exquisite white color of clay brightens up the space."  Don't just make art for business.  Turn your art into your business.  People can tell when...
  1.  You put love into your work.
  2.  You put effort into your work.
tips for turning ideas into an art business, entrepreneurship, help on selling etsy, artist work

Knock people off their feet with the final detail = a business move.

Special packaging, a discount on the next order, a discount for a friend, a small gift, an entry in a giveaway... or in the case of Layers of Clay, PRICE.  I visited her Etsy and I was blown away.  The prices are SO accessible!  Maybe she knows her audience or SOMETHING.  Handmade art this gorgeous and trendy can be so expensive.  And I was so surprised.  Knocked out.  I just want to mention again that I'm not being sponsored or anything.  I just love it and learned so much.

Find her here at the Layers of Clay Website and the Layers of Clay Etsy.

Have you ever wanted to sell your own art or products?  Tell me about it!!!
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