Thursday, October 29, 2015

Do It For The Irony is being deleted. All of it. Bloglovin and all.

Just before I opened up this post, I looked at my stats.  

Am I crazy to give it all up?

When I first started blogging, the big bloggers always said, "Don't worry about the statistics."  And we say, "HOW COULD I NOT WORRY ABOUT THE STATS!!"  But right now... I find myself smiling at what I've created by agreeing with those big bloggers.  The statistics don't matter, as long as you are making something you love.

The reasons.

It's true!  I'm not lying to you, I promise.  But for the past couple weeks, I have not been happy with the content I've been creating.  I find myself wanting to write freely, make art freely and simply speak of my day.  And Do It For The Irony is not the place for that.  Though I absolutely adore self-help and helping people with their creativity, I am not in the position to be creating that quality content right now.  I am just so busy that I find myself wanting a simple sanctuary to just create.  I've realized that DIFTI is not the place for that and I'm making this decision.

I'm starting all the way over.

Bye view counts.  Bye follower count.  Hello art.  Hello free expression.  Hello passion!  I'm excited to start anew but I want to end this blog right.  It's been two years and I've gone places I CAN'T IMAGINE I'd go.  I feel successful and I can't thank my blog/readers enough for that.  It's amazing and I feel like I can do anything.  It's been an amazing ride and I have learned so much about myself, it's ridiculous.  Thank you for that... but more importantly...

  • Thank you for seeing my writing style, I didn't know I was a writer until I saw people's reactions to how I wrote.  You gave me purpose and helped me see my passions.
  • Thank you for seeing my art.
  • Thank you for reading and hearing me.  I started this blog from nothing (duh) and to have peopel read my words is amazing to me.  

If you would like to be notified of my new blog, please email me at (lol email describes my mood) and I will send you a link. 

My twitter/pinterest/bloglovin will be deleted.  Though I do know that there are people who will still be interested in my new artful/simple expression blog, so please don't be shy.  Comment below or email me at the address above.  I will directly notify you of my new blog.  <3

All of DIFTI's posts have been reverted to draft.

I will also be notifying bloggers who I grew with, bloggers who are close to me, so no I'm not gone guys!  It's a new chapter.  Let's be excited!